“Why choose you”?

Our quality standards – a careful approach to every detail!

We often get questions – why choose you when we can get a cot cheaper and faster elsewhere?
Of course, everyone chooses the most suitable option for their situation so when starting a conversation about the furniture production, we always inform our customers about the terms, conditions and prices within our contract. There are many manufacturers on the market today that produce similar furniture. At the same time, we can say that the quality of our furniture is hard to beat!
Every part is measured, sawn, processed by hand, and polished twice before handing over to the customer. We perform a control assembly at our house to be completely sure that each part meets our requirements.

Our trademark is our ability to adapt to a wide range of customer preferences and needs, as we draw and manufacture each cot from scratch. Each model is therefore different from the last and perfectly suited to the customer.
We offer a huge color palette from which to choose the shade of your cot! We use only the highest quality wood without twigs!

Carefully machined parts to the millimetre – our mark of quality!

If you want to order the highest quality furniture – write us, together we will develop the most suitable solutions for your home!
If you ask: “Why choose you?” – because there are things and values that stand above money and speed – safety, quality, craftsmanship, innovation, knowledge, honesty, individual approach…

ZiPa team