Our company has been created as a gratitude. As a gift.

Gratitude to those who have given us life, who have risen and fallen for us, who have spent sleepless long nights, working to give us everything we need, acquiring all the knowledge we are currently applying in order to create our works.

Although one of the people who stood at the cradle of the company, encouraging and always supporting us in times when it seemed difficult, when it seemed like nothing is going to work out, is no longer among us, we believe that with our work – honest, responsible, high quality, thoughtful and very accurate – we will carry Child’s development and the name of ZiPa far into the world. The loved ones who have given us the opportunity to do what we love the most in this World – to work with a wood in order to bring joy to children – will be proud of us – those for whose presence we are grateful at all times, those with whom we are able to talk and those who we can ask for advice only in our thoughts.

This is the unwritten law our parents give to us, in order for us to be able to pass on to the next generation. Through our work, through our lives, we want to give the gift to the next generation – to bring joy to as many children as possible and we believe that the environment in which our little ones grow up affects their growth and stimulates their development. Beauty enhances beauty.

We are exceptionally grateful to everyone who has ordered furniture for their little ones from us! We are thankful that from the birth of our company, we were able to enjoy your faith in us, in our work, our promise, our knowledge, our advice and our experience.

Thank you to everyone who sends us pictures, where we can see how beautifully you have decorated your baby’s rooms with the furniture that we have created. The pictures, which have been taken in the new home of the furniture, have special value because they show both our careful work as well as the parent’s love of organising the playrooms or cots for the baby. Thank you for allowing us to look into and participate in the lives of your most important little people.

So, this is us – resourceful carpenters, knowledgeable engineers, trained philologists, failed opera singers, perfectionists and those who see the meaning of their lives in the opportunity to give joy to the little ones. We do not enter the world with loud slogans that we are the best because we allow our deeds to speak about us and they tell more than a thousand words.

Thank you for being with us!

The team of Child’s development – ZiPa:
Jānis, Baiba, Aivars, Sandis, Teodors