How to order?

How can you choose and order the right cot for your child?

1. Type of cot

Choose the type of bed you want for your baby – with or without a canopy, with chests, on legs or a Montessori cot with a mattress that lays almost on the ground. When choosing the type of bed, we recommend taking into account your child’s age and activity level – for very young children, as well as for big active children, we recommend choosing beds without a roof (to reduce the risk of climbing and falling) or Montessori cottage beds, which are closer to the ground, making the bed safer.

Montessori gultiņa ar apaļām redelēm, balti rozā
Bērnu gultiņa ar apaļām redelēm un lādēm
Drošākās bērnu gultiņas
Augstā gulta ar podestu no priekšas. Mājiņgulta ar rotaļu laukumu apakšā, bērnu gultiņa ar jumtu, podests ar atvilktnēm.
Stūra gultiņa pie kientiem
Lakota divlīmeņu gulta ar rotaļu laukumiņu apakšā

You can see different versions of baby beds that we have already made on Our works page! If you don’t find what you want there, send us a picture or a description of your desired product, and we will make furniture for your nursery!

2. Cot size

Choose your bed size.
Standard mattress sizes for children’s beds are:

  • 60 x 120 cm
  • 70 x 140 cm
  • 80 x 160 cm
  • 90 x 180 cm
  • 90 x 200 cm

As all our furniture is made to order, we can adapt to your wishes and make the cot in any other size you need.

3. Entry point

Choose the bed entrance

We can design the bed entrance in any position you choose – on the left or right side, in the middle or at the end of the bed. We can also make both sides of the bed open or make the front of the bed without slats. You will see different types of entrance placement in our work gallery!

4. Type of Order

Choose the type of crate

We can make the slats canted (with rounded edges, of course) or round. A horizontal version is also possible, where the slats are placed parallel to the bed’s base. We can make the slats removable* or fixed.
* after removing the slats, holes will remain in the wood where they were attached to the bed!

Kantainas biezas redeles
Kantainas biezas redeles
Apaļās redeles un noņemams bortiņš
Apaļas redeles
Kantainas plānas redeles
Kantainas plānas redeles
Mājiņgulta ar iekāpšanu abās pusēs - lādes. Bērnu gultiņa ar horizontālām redelēm un lādēm.
Horizontālas redeles

5. Chimney

If you order a housebed, choose the location of the chimney – it can be placed in 4 different places on the roof, and we can also make a cot without a chimney.

6. Colour

Choose a colour from our Palette If You can’t find the right tone for You, write us, we will help You to find the right tone for your furniture. We can make furniture in other shades as well, if the desired shade is known, as well as the color catalog in which this shade is taken from!

RAL krāsu katalogs ar pieejamajiem toņiem mēbeļu krāsošanai

7. Contact us

Once you’ve figured out which cot you want, or if you’d like us to help you with advice, contact us by clicking the green message icon in the bottom right corner or by sending us a message in the “Contact” section. You can also contact us through email, send the message to [email protected],also we are active on Social media – Facebook as well as Instagram -you can send us a message there as well. 

If written communication doesn’t suit your temperament, we’ll be happy toanswer any questions you may have over the phone. We can also arrange a face-to-face meeting if you would like to see our workshop and some of the cots we currently produce. You can find our contact details in “ Contacts “.

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