Non-standard solutions

Custom-made furniture for your nursery, playroom, kindergarten and more!

The most important values in business

ZiPa family

The soul of the company - Janis:

We will design, manufacture, deliver and install furniture just for your family! The most comprehensive expert in our manufactory: company manager, chief engineer and award-winning woodworker!

Customer service - Baiba:

She will answer you about furniture costs, set-up, help you choose the safest and most suitable solutions, and, if necessary, call on the help of the human-orchestra - Janis!

Furniture testers:

Three representatives of different sizes, weights and activity levels will test the quality and durability of the products! Our boys were the first and most reliable testers of Zipa furniture!


We incorporate family values - love, passion for work, mutual trust and cooperation - into every aspect of our business, including our relationships with our customers!

BCB-Eko, SIA (Ltd.)


"Bernāti", Baldone municipality
Ķekava region,
Latvia, LV-2125