Green L-shaped house bed with type 2 layout – the rear bed is all under roof, the front bed – without roof. The bed has 3 drawers. Sleeping area 80*160 cm (each bed)

This layout allows the bed to be made in different sizes without additional changes to the bed’s appearance.
L-shaped cots are mostly chosen by families who are confident about the design of their nursery.  They know that once the bed is in its designated place, it will not need to be moved. We recommend thinking carefully about this, because L-shaped beds, unlike other double beds, take up much more space in the room and cannot be separated into individual beds. At the same time, we must also admit that L-shaped beds are some of the most attractive and interesting furniture we produce. There are so many different variations, from different colour options, 4 types of rails to choose from to suit your baby and your lifestyle, different combinations of drawers – we can make a bed with chests under each bunk, we can make 1 or 2 chests under each bunk or we can make a bed without drawers at all.
L-shaped beds are very popular with our customers, and there have been many different options.The preferred entry points vary – some people want the sides of the bed without slats, others want the slats to cover both sides of the cot, and still others want end-entry.

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