Choosing the slats for the bed

Divkrāsu mājiņgulta ar moderno jumtiņu un skursteni aizmugurē

Choosing the slats for the bed is often the most difficult decision in the furniture ordering process. This is a pattern we have observed in our work with our clients over the years.

Thank you to our existing and future customers for the opportunity to continuously improve our communication and make choosing and ordering cots easier.
We were asked what kind of boards we can make and how they differ from each other.
The easiest way to answer this is, of course, if the customer comes to us with their vision of the desired result, but if we work together to create a cot from scratch, we offer the following options:
Cots with vertical slats – the slats can be round, rectangular /thick or rectangular/thin

Cots with horizontal slats – the slats can be one or more, around the entire perimeter of the cot or only halfway up the bed.


In the case of horizontal slats, we can vary their height depending on the thickness of the mattress you put in the cot! Make sure the mattress is not too high and does not go over the slats you have chosen – we can make the slat higher if necessary, so you need to know how thick the mattress will be in the cot.
Both horizontal and vertical slats can be made with a removable front board or, if the customer so wishes, all removable boards. In this case, cots with vertical slats will have an additional wooden slat at the bottom for easier removal.
We hope this advice will help you in the process of choosing your cot. Choosing a bed can be an interesting, creative and imaginative process.

Good luck!

ZiPa team