For safety!

Drošākās bērnu gultiņas

Dear parents!
Although the large, beautiful house beds are very popular right now, they will not be suitable for all babies! Be sure to consult us before ordering a cot or other furniture for your little one. We always advise every customer on safety – we have 3 little ones ourselves and a lot of experience in making and using furniture!
Before ordering a cot, if you still want to decide on your own, make sure you assess how active and discreet your baby is!
If there is a risk that he will want to climb on the roof of the cot or other higher parts of the structure but is not yet big and strong enough to avoid falling, we recommend ordering the lowest possible bed, preferably one that is placed on the ground, or – ideally – a cot without a roof!
We have already made such cots for several customers and we are sure that with their classic look and great functionality they will always be suitable!
We want every baby to have the safest, most developmentally supportive and beautiful environment in which to grow up, and we believe that by working together with the parents of our babies, we can provide that for our little ones!

Dear children, please think about safety before ordering any furniture for your little ones!
And of course, we recommend that all children’s furniture is wall-mounted, especially wardrobes, high beds and bunk beds!

Cot with mattress almost on the floor

A cot without a roof – the safest option for the babies!

Let’s protect our little ones from accidents by choosing appropriate and safe furniture and other accessories!

ZiPa team