Frequently asked questions

We recommend buying a cot for a child from 2 years of age. Generally, children like these cots until they are 10-12 years old, but it all depends on each individual child.

It depends on how active your child is – if your child is smaller, it’s better to buy a cot on the ground, but you should definitely think about how cold your child would be sleeping so close to the floor. Most customers choose beds with laundry chests because, besides their usual storage function for belongings/clothes, our chests have another great feature – they are built so sturdy that a child can safely climb in and play.

We use top-quality timber – glued, branchless pine, made from technologically correctly glued, specially examined pine beams, and birch or pine plywood for drawers, mattress slats, shelves and steps with chests.

Furniture can be ordered by sending us an email or by calling +371 26169517. All furniture is made to order, tailoring every feature to the customer’s wishes.

Yes, we contract with both private and legal entities once the information has been agreed.

If the customer wishes, we can also install and deliver throughout Latvia. You can also come to Baldone to pick up the furniture yourself.

Standard models have instructions, complex, customised orders do not. If the furniture you are ordering is large and complex, heavy and with many parts, we recommend you choose our installation service. All furniture is assembled and tested before being handed over to the customer, and if necessary, we can also prepare instructions for your individual project for an additional fee.

We offer colours from the RAL catalogue. The price of the furniture is calculated for 1 colour, if the customer chooses more than one colour, this is an additional charge.

Most of our furniture takes 5-7 working days to produce. However, the production time usually depends on the quantity of the order, 20-40 working days. You can find out more specific production times by writing or calling us.

We have 4 types of slats: round, narrow canted, thick canted and horizontal. Which slats to choose is purely a matter of taste, as they are all the same in terms of safety, and all canted slats have rounded corners.

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