The quality standard of our company

Every product that we manufacture has different characteristics, which are determined by the customer’s needs and desires. That is why we produce furniture of the highest quality and safety, timely production, good service, and full information about our products.

The first and foremost standard of our quality is safety! Every cot we produce meets the highest safety requirements in both spheres – materials and technology. For safety, all screws are visible on our cots, as we do not use the option to hide them with little plastic pieces! We have two very active children ourselves and we clearly remember how quickly everything that was possible to nibble, got into the mouths of the children. Therefore, our products do not include such additives. Each bar under the mattress is affixed to the cot with screws, which guarantees that they will not move around and the baby will not move the bar while jumping on the bed. The length of each screw is selected depending on the thickness of the material it will connect. All our furniture has carefully rounded corners for every detail. Both the long and short parts of the bed, even the bars under the mattress have rounded corners, thus trying to reduce the risk of injury to children.

We know what children are like – always on the move, never considering the necessity of taking a little break. Therefore, we try to do everything possible on our part to make their childhood as safe and beautiful as possible! Our second standard is an individual approach to each and every client. We do not make cots by template following certain standard sizes and shapes. Instead, we allow customers to freely choose the characteristics of the bed – size, colors, entrance, presence/location of the chimney, etc. The customer, of course, can order a cot similar to one of our previously made but we can just as well adopt the furniture to the individual wishes and needs of each customer.

The third thing that sets us apart from other manufacturers is that it is easy to take care of our furniture, as well as the simple disassembly and assembly of it in the event that it requires movement. All sidebars are fastened to wooden dowels and glued to the bed structure without milling as a result of which there would be a gap in the bed structure, which would be difficult to clean, as it would gather dust and other everyday dirt over time. Knowing how difficult it is to maintain the order in the house, where small activists live, we do our best to make everyday life easier for parents who will have to clean the cot sooner or later. As our crib does not have places to accumulate dirt, care* is very basic – with a damp cloth.

*Each of our customers, when signing a contract, receives furniture care instruction, which describes exactly how to clean.

Our fourth characteristic is pedantry. Every detail in our cots is worked on down to the smallest details from sawing and drilling; to grinding and multiple painting. Each bar is placed from the next with the accuracy of a millimeter. Everything is hand-made, investing a lot of work, patience, and love in every cot. As we develop our factory, we buy better and more precise tools that help us produce more and more precise parts. In the course of our work we also develop new methods that we use to constantly improve the safety and quality of our products to the smallest detail!

Our fifth quality standard is to always choose the most resistant materials for each part. Our beds are made of twigless pinewood and the bars and drawer bases are made of plywood because it is a more resistant than pure wood. For example, if a heavier person sits on the wooden slat it will break but the plywood, although it can bend, is much more resistant so we use it in our cots. Also in the chests – sometimes the little ones climb, jump and have parties in them, so we make the chests as safe and resistant as possible!

The sixth and the most unique standard is ourselves. Our customers are already convinced of the culture of our customer service and communication but for those who still doubt and are looking for the most suitable cot or other furniture manufacturers, we invite you to get to know us: come to our factory; review the colour catalogue; look into a collection of different ideas: get acquainted with our work materials and the furniture manufacturing process. You will be able to make sure that we do every job in accordance with our high standards, which is the basis of our entire factory!

Lai sniegtu mūsu klientiem drošības sajūtu par to, ka, uzņemoties izgatavot viņiem mēbeles, pieejam tam ar vislielāko atbildību, ar katru klientu tiek slēgts līgums, kurā sīki aprakstītas katra konkrētā klienta vēlmes, tiesības, apmaksas kārtība, mēbeļu kopšana un citas būtiskas nianses.